Celebrating history—implementing today and activating for tomorrow
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Cobalt Marketplace  Print   E-mail

cobalt-marketplaceA bustling market area at the turn of the last century, today East Market Street, anchored by Cobalt Marketplace, is a high-energy downtown neighborhood reinvigorated with a new cultural vitality. Just steps away from the thriving medical center, top restaurants, Louisville Slugger Field, art galleries and Waterfront Park, Cobalt Marketplace offers an environment that combines 19th century charm and state-of-the-art facilities, creating Metro Louisville’s most exceptional place to conduct business.

Cobalt Marketplace has a style we call “Refined Industrial.” Entering the building, visitors are welcomed by a unique use of materials chosen for the lobby. Travertine, cherry wood, stainless steel, chrome and glass, coupled with refurbished structural steel beams, create a symbiotic elegance found only in the most sophisticated buildings.


  • Flexible office space
  • Ample on-site parking
  • Panoramic expressway visibility
  • Easy access to/from multiple interchanges (I-64, I-65, I-71)
  • Storage facilities
  • High-efficiency mechanical systems
  • High ceilings
  • Concierge services
  • Card access entry system

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